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The title of our podcast is much more than that. It’s an idea! Centered around the belief that by providing fundamentals to at least one person in a family, home or community, you empower them to effect change in a lasting and meaningful way.

Episode 9

Just listened to this episode. Enjoyed the banter, humor and relevant information. Your group should take your act on the road as an improv group! I enjoyed Bridget’s contributions to the conversation especially her Sneakers Peakers comment😹

I think I first met Bridget when she was two years and watched her blossom into a caring, funny, and beautiful human. I enjoyed all hosts and hostesses and now need to go back to earlier episodes. Keep up the good work and you now have a new subscriber!

Equizor - Apple Podcasts

Episode 6

I learned so much about different types of cancers, various causes, diagnosis and treatments. While discussing what can be such a serious and tragic matter, the light-hearted nature of your conversation is much appreciated and a relief.

Di'Mo - Apple podcasts

Episode 1

Shout out to you Adrian. You may have just inspired me to start my own podcast.

Izzo - Facebook

Epidsode 6

Much needed! Thank You so much for this space!

Relaxed, Relatable, Authentic yet all the while being informative.

I can’t tell you how refreshing that is & such a hard balance to pull off.

Cancer is a topic very close to my heart because I lost my Grandfather to it.

I’m always terrorized that I don’t have the mental strength to push through if I ever had to go through that again with any other family member let alone myself.

I appreciate the new perspective 2teachOne is helping me approach the whole Cancer dynamic from.

Looking forward to growing 💪🏿

Vyolesa - Apple Podcasts

About 2teachone

We believe in setting attainable goals. Especially when the vision is grand.

Our vision – is to create a community whose sole purpose is to further the effort to end the needless emotional and physical suffering of those who find themselves in a position where they have more questions than answers on the subject of health and wellness.

Starting with filling in the blank space after the question, ” So… what now? “

The goal – 2teachone person in a home, family or community the basic fundamentals needed to create lasting and meaningful change in their life and the lives of others.

Adrian Githenji

Adrian Githenji

Co-Host - Founder

Aaron Witherel

Aaron Witherel

Co-Host - Producer


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