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2teachone? What does that even mean?


The title of our podcast is much more than that. It’s an idea! Centered around the belief that by teaching basic fundamentals to at least one person in a home or community, you empower them to affect change in a lasting and meaningful way.




Our Goals and Vision

We believe in setting attainable goals. Especially when the vision is grand.

Our vision – is to create a community whose sole purpose is to further the effort to end the needless emotional and physical suffering of those who find themselves in a position where they have more questions than answers on the subject of health and wellness.

Starting with filling in the the blank space after the question, ” So… what now? “

The goal – 2teachone person in a home, family or community the basic fundamentals needed to create lasting and meaningful change in their life and the lives of others.

Who We Are

We are two people with a common desire to live fulfilled lives through the service of our fellow man. Aaron and myself work at a local men’s transitional rehabilitation facility in Denver, Colorado. 


Our Story

 My grandfather was diagnosed with cancer five years ago. Most people including my family and I, were not prepared for what came next.

I wasn’t there for most of it because I live and work here in the U.S.A and he in my country of birth. He recently passed and what I leaned from our experience is that our unity as a family helped us make it through that difficult time.

Now my team and I would like to share what we’ve learned from this and many other experiences. Hopefully we can be helpful!


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Meet The Hosts

Adrian Githenji

Adrian Githenji

Co-Host - The student

I am naturally inquisitive and therefore I represent the person who asks allot of questions. I like to begin every journey of by asking questions.

I am and have been a bit of a jack of many trades and an expert of few! I love to cook and enjoy a cup of tea over coffee anytime. I have always had people centric jobs and my current position in the substance abuse and mental health field is no different.  I truly enjoy helping people and have dedicated my life to doing so.


Aaron Witherel

Aaron Witherel

Co-Host - The clinician

I was born in the last quarter of the 20th century, raised in a small suburb of Dallas/Ft.Worth and moved to Colorado in 2014. I studied philosophy and creative writing in college and I love public speaking. I really enjoy politics and current events and consider myself somewhat of a trivia buff. I weight train and run frequently. My day job is in the addiction recovery field. I am a friend of Bill and I consider it a privilege to help people become their authentic self. I have always had a ferocious curiosity to understand what that authenticity looks like in my own life and I am forever on a quest to understand what the best life is and how to live it.